Industry's Best Selling Terpene
& Resin Enhancer

All natural ingredients made from botanical extracts are designed to enhance oil, resin & terpene production for your specialized crop.

All Natural Formulation

Terpenez is a 0-0-0 formula with ingredients only derived from plants.

Increase Your Terpenes

Terpenes are one of the most valuable elements when cultivating specialized crops.

Proven Finishing Tech

Years of research & trials have proven Terpenez as an effective finishing technique.

Customer Reviews:

Terpenez has become a "must have additive" for my bloom nutrient feed schedule. The results are phenomenal and our terpenes tested higher which allowed a higher market price!
Alex K. (Michigan)
Commercial Cultivator
I buy large amounts or Terpenez because it's one of the few things you really can't replace! I won't ever grow without it.
Evan M. (N. California)
Terpenez helps get my product to the finish line with what I consider my best product for market. Customers always ask, "Why do your flowers always taste so good?!"